Dark spot removal

Dark spot removal – Dr. Braun de Praun treatments

Pigment or age spots can have a significant adverse effect on the complexion. But that isn’t all. These unsightly spots tend to arise right where they are most visible – the neck, chest, and face. Light or laser therapy can help with this.

Age spots

Intense pulsed light technology is an ideal way to remove age spots in one to two sessions. In the process, the excess pigment present in the age spots is exposed to high-energy, intense pulses of light. This method is highly effective and gentle to the surrounding tissue.

Pigment spots

The treatment of choice here is a fractionated laser. In this method, the laser targets tiny points of treatment in the pigment spot, while the surrounding skin promotes a fast healing process. Pigment cells and old skin are shed at this points, and the collagen fibers contract, forming new, more youthful skin. You can look forward to a lasting result, and laser therapy also erases fine lines, leaving skin firmer and pores smaller.

After treatment, reddening of the skin occurs, but the healing process is complete in as little as five to seven days. You should avoid the sun for four weeks after treatment. If your pigment problems are caused by hormones (melasma), two to three sessions at three-week intervals are also recommended.

As an alternative, we offer fruit acid/TCA peels of various strengths.

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