Skin DNA – find the right skincare for your skin

Welche Hautpflege ist die passende für mich?

We have the answer: SKIN DNA

A DNA analysis (simple oral swab) can tell you how your skin will age and what individual skincare it really needs.

This makes it possible to analyze future signs of skin aging now and slow the process with the right care.

How exactly does the genetic test work?

This detailed analysis of 16 DNA markers makes it possible to craft an anti-aging program tailored to the patient’s genetic predispositions, featuring individual treatment options, highly effective active ingredients, and dietary supplements.

The skin analysis looks at five different categories:
  1. Straffheit und Elastizität
  2. Hautschäden und Falten durch körpereigene Glykation(Verzuckerung-eine der Hauptursachen für vorzeitige Hautalterung)
  3. Schäden durch Sonneneinstrahlung/Pigmentierung
  4. Schäden durch freie Radikale
  5. Empfindlichkeit und Entzündungen

Innovative genetic test to identify your unique future skin profile (tendency toward collagen breakdown, glycation, pigmentation, wrinkle formation)

Analysis of your natural sun protection factor

Holistic individual anti-aging concepts aligned specifically toward your profile


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    The initial consultation costs € 150.00, a hormone consultation € 180.00.
    If treatment is used, the initial consultation costs will be reimbursed once.

    Since we are an ordering practice, if you do not show up within 48 hours, you will be charged the initial consultation fee.

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