Fat-dissolving injections – Dr. Braun de Praun treatments

All of us know the disappointing feeling when a few fat deposits stubbornly remain despite a wealth of exercise and abstaining from all kinds of sinful delights. The root cause of this often lies in our genes or hormonal circumstances, which means we have almost no chance of succeeding in the fight against these fat deposits with conventional methods. Fat-dissolving injections can change that!

Aqualyx® dissolves fat cells

In Aqualyx® treatment, ultrafine needles are used to inject a fat-dissolving active ingredient under the skin, directly into the affected area. On average, three to four treatments at three-week intervals are needed in order to achieve effective results.

The new fat-dissolving injection helps with fat deposits in many areas of the body. Ideal treatment areas include the belly, hips, back, thighs and upper arms or double chin. Temporary bruising may occur.

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    The initial consultation costs € 150.00, a hormone consultation € 180.00.
    If treatment is used, the initial consultation costs will be reimbursed once.

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