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Mental or physical burnout can come on so gradually that it goes unnoticed. It is a very serious disease of our times. But things don’t have to reach that point. We’re here to help with a wide range of preventive measures.

The most common signs of burnout are:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Permanent exhaustion, tiredness
  • Mood swings
  • Physical symptoms such as head and back pain, gastrointestinal complaints
  • Retreat from friends or colleagues
  • Difficulty concentrating

The following self-test shows you whether you are at risk of burnout:

  • Is it difficult for you to say no?
  • Would you like to take everything into your own hands?
  • Do you worry about hurting others?
  • Do you ask yourself not to make mistakes?
  • Do you condemn yourself if something does not go as you imagine it?
  • Do you give your body little rest and relaxation?
  • When it comes to fulfilling wishes, do you always think of yourself last?
  • Do you also deal with everyday tasks at home?
  • Do you always feel responsible when something goes wrong?
  • Do you often get the impression that you are being exploited?
  • Are you irritable more and more often?
  • Do you feel valued in your work?
  • Would you like to leave everything behind and just run away?
  • Do you feel pressured?
  • Do you always want to be perfect?

The more questions you answer “yes” to, the greater your risk of burnout.


Alongside basic psychological treatment/psychotherapy and ruling out possible physical causes, it is highly important to start individual medical treatment early on. This kind of treatment includes:

  • Learning relaxation techniques
  • Creating better time management
  • 24h heart rate variability measurement is the measurement of daily activities using a small measuring device that is worn on the body. It enables the exact assignment of the measured activations to the different activities and thus an objective assessment of the loads
  • NNR test: simple saliva test to measure the current stress level

Beyond that, we offer vital substance infusion therapy with energy boosters: After measuring your oxidative stress level, we will formulate immune system-boosting plant-based dietary supplements for you in the form of a vitamin and amino acid cocktail or vitamin B shot.

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