Acne – Dr. Braun de Praun treatments

Acne can be a real spoilsport

It flares up just when you don’t want it, making our skin and thus our entire appearance seem unhealthy. But that isn’t all. It can also disrupt our connective tissue, leaving scar tissue behind instead of healthy skin. We can reveal new skin at the speed of light.

Fractionated CO2 laser treatment is the most advanced skin renewal method currently available. It creates tiny micro-injuries invisible to the naked eye. The skin responds promptly by forming fresh collagen. This process continues for several months after treatment, leading to skin renewal and rejuvenation. Acne scars are significantly reduced and largely disappear.

Slight redness and swelling or a brownish grid pattern may appear for about three days after treatment. These signs are easy to hide with make-up.

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